The testing & evaluation solution trusted by top AI product teams

You steer GenAI products towards the right user outcomes by constantly testing and evaluating their behavior.

We shipped the most extensible testing suite in the market to make this process simple and satisfying.

Relieve the burden of human review and make sure you’re putting your best foot forward in production.

Powerful by default.

Flexible by design.


Extensible. You call the shots.

Run your tests in an existing test suite or as a standalone script, in any language and environment.


Evaluators that are actually useful.

Write custom evaluators, bespoke to your product’s unique use case.


Online and offline evaluations.

Run evaluations online in production or offline during local development.


Remarkable scale.

Run a handful or 1,000s of test cases through each iteration of your product for unprecedented test coverage.


Rapid prototyping.

Run tests in a CLI to get a pulse check on if you’re building in the right direction.


Compare variations of your product.

Collaborate with teammates in our test UI to compare results and make the best product decisions.


Highly representative test cases.

Easily pull real user interactions into your test cases to make sure they’re always fresh and relevant.