Evaluate & improve your AI product

Autoblocks enables teams to continuously improve their scaling AI-powered products with speed and confidence.

Evaluate & analyze user outcomes
Gain actionable insights from user interactions, using online evaluations.
Cluster & analyze user feedback

Cluster user feedback and double-click into specific traces to inform testing & product decisions.

Connect tests to user behavior

Visualize and associate tests with user outcomes and business goals, such as increased retention.

Add test cases from real user interactions

Grow your test case library with real user interactions, and use them to make testing more robust.

Test & evaluate product changes
Turbocharge your local testing & experimentation process.
A/B test prompts, context, and more

Test multiple versions of your product, with modified prompt or context, and pick winning variants.

Curate test cases on the fly, with your team

Rapidly create and modify test cases and suites that represent evolving user needs.

Integrate regression testing with CI workflow

Integrate regression testing with GitHub CI for automated, quality-consistent testing of GenAI products.

Debug user interactions at scale
Efficient debugging for enhanced user experiences.
Evaluate & debug millions of events per day

Evaluate millions of unstructured events per day and track down bugs.

Include all relevant context in traces via events

Our event-based platform lets you trace all events that are helpful for understanding the context of a user session.

Track prompt & evaluation drift in real-time

Proactively monitor and address prompt drift & evaluation drift to ensure robustness & accuracy of your product.


Product teams ship 10x faster with Autoblocks

Autoblocks enables seamless collaboration and shared context for product teams, massively improving their product velocity.

Picture of the author
"Thanks to Autoblocks, any time something goes wrong with our AI, I have the confidence that I can understand why."
Jon Noronha
Co-founder, Gamma
Build your AI product your way
Autoblocks has no provider or framework dependencies, and seamlessly integrates with any codebase or tech stack. Build your AI product how you want to build it.
Built for Enterprise
Enterprise-grade LLMOps: Scalable, collaborative, and supported by a team of AI experts.
Scalable Data Ingestion & Search
Ingest, search, and aggregation across millions of AI datapoints in real-time
Powerful Collaboration
Collaboration on debugging, prompting, and more across teams to iterate faster
Support from AI Experts
Our dedicated technical team is here to help, from integration to production and beyond
Robust Security & Privacy
SOC 2 Type 2 (pending), data encryption, SSO, and more.
Secure Data Transmission and Storage
Your data is encrypted in transit and at rest using industry standard encryption algorithms
Vigilant Security and Compliance
Continuous security monitoring and compliance auditing with best-in-class tools
Robust Data Management
Multi-zone availability and encrypted backups for disaster recovery
Read about Security at Autoblocks