Get everyone on your team involved in AI development

Autoblocks AI lets teams manage any parts of their LLM system in a composable UI.

Test and evaluate changes to your AI product while maintaining full control over your underlying code using our TypeScript or Python SDKs.

Changes are versioned automatically and protected from backward incompatibility.

Powerful by default.

Flexible by design.


Fully customizable Playground.

Surface any part of your AI product pipeline in a UI for easy collaboration.


Run tests through your code.

Collaborate with teammates in our test UI to compare results and make the best product decisions.


Manage and generate realistic test cases.

Easily pull real user interactions into your test cases to make sure they’re always fresh and relevant. Use AI to generate synthetic test cases.


Online and offline evaluations.

Run evaluations online in production or offline during local development.


Remarkable scale.

Run a handful or 1,000s of test cases through each iteration of your product for unprecedented test coverage.


Rapid prototyping.

Run tests in a CLI to get a pulse check on if you’re building in the right direction.


Extensible. You call the shots.

Run your tests in an existing test suite or as a standalone script, in any language and environment.


Manually grade output quality.

Let subject-matter experts review outputs manually, and align expert preferences with LLM evaluators.