Build vs. Buy

Thinking about whether to build or buy LLMOps tooling? Here are some things to consider...
In-House Tooling
Crafting an accurate and trustworthy GenAI-powered product requires tight-knit collaboration among product managers, engineers, and domain experts. Being able to rapidly iterate based on user feedback and deliver the optimal user experience demands that these teams operate in unison. However, the current status quo of using disparate, siloed tools impedes this, leading to a fragmented and inconsistent product experience that frustrates users and product teams.
With Autoblocks’ integrated platform, teams no longer have to juggle between separate tools. Autoblocks' collaborative cloud-based workspace ensures that all stakeholders — from product managers to engineers to domain experts — have a unified synchronized pulse on the GenAI product's development. This cohesive approach not only leads to a more consistent and delighful product UX, but also accelerates the product iteration cycle. By breaking down silos and fostering efficient collaboration, Autoblocks ensures that GenAI products are user-friendly, trustworthy, and accurate.
Autoblocks: A collaborative GenAI product platform
Helping teams build GenAI-powered products that customers love, with LLMOps tooling and more.
Understand performance, usage, and cost.
Prompt Management
Manage prompts, examples, and datasets.
Prompt Engineering Playground
Iterate on prompts and examples.
Continuous Evaluations
Evaluate model outputs over time.
Multiplayer Collaboration
Collaborate with teammates in real-time.
Fine-tune models on your own data.
A/B Testing
Test different prompts and models in production.
Dataset Testing
Run golden datasets through your app pipeline.
"Thanks to Autoblocks, we iterate much faster. We can tweak prompts, run examples through our system, and see how these changes impact both performance and the user experience."
Ready to get started?
Whether you're an indie hacker or a large Enterprise, we have a plan for you.


Toolkit to get the first iteration of your AI product into production.

Get started
  • 2 seats included ($100/mo per additional seat)
  • 1 config
  • 1 test suite
  • 100 test cases
  • 1000 weekly evaluations
  • Autoblocks CLI
  • SOC 2 Type II compliance


Full LLMOps stack to separate your AI products from the pack

Get in touch
  • Everything from Team
  • Unlimited test suites
  • Unlimited test cases
  • Online evals
  • Custom SLAs
  • Dedicated compute
  • White glove onboarding
  • Shared Slack channel support
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