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previewSeason 3: Episode 4

Leveraging LLMs to simplify healthcare navigation | Jayodita Sanghvi (Included Health)

previewSeason 3: Episode 3

Simplifying complex data tasks with AI | Rahul “Ligma” Sonwalkar (CEO of

previewSeason 3: Episode 2

The third wave of computing: GenAI and LLMs | Quentin Clark (Managing Director, General Catalyst)

previewSeason 3: Episode 1

Augmenting healthcare documentation with LLMs and NLP | Akilesh Bapu (Founder and CEO of DeepScribe)

previewSeason 2: Episode 12

Enabling a more effective reading experience with AI | Daniel Doyon (Founder at Readwise)

previewSeason 2: Episode 11

Harnessing data to create intelligent machines | Naveen Rao (VP of GenAI, Databricks)

previewSeason 2: Episode 10

Vinod’s advice for entrepreneurs innovating with AI | Vinod Khosla (Founder of Khosla Ventures)

previewSeason 2: Episode 9

Providing seamless in-product assistance with AI | Dopt

previewSeason 2: Episode 8

Leveraging RAG to tell powerful stories | Shaun Modi (Co-founder and CEO of Capitol AI)

previewSeason 2: Episode 7

Creating safe playgrounds for AI agents | Tereza Tizkova (Founding Member & Head of Growth at e2b)

previewSeason 2: Episode 6

Building a $3 million ARR product with AI | Yasser Elsaid (Founder of Chatbase)

previewSeason 2: Episode 5

Redefining legal research with AI | Otto von Zastrow-Marcks (Founder and CEO of Midpage)

previewSeason 2: Episode 4

Boosting the productivity of data scientists with AI | Bryan Bischof (AI Lead at Hex)

previewSeason 2: Episode 3

Reimagining workflows with AI | Chelsey Tanaka (Product Lead for AI at Airtable)

previewSeason 2: Episode 2

Enabling startups to innovate with AI | Jason Liu (Independent Consultant)

previewSeason 2: Episode 1

Empowering developers to build with AI | Logan Kilpatrick (Developer Relations Lead at OpenAI)

previewSeason 1: Episode 12

Enhancing customer service with AI | Fergal Reid (VP of AI at Intercom)

previewSeason 1: Episode 11

Providing accessible coaching with AI | Alex Roe (Co-founder of Summit)

previewSeason 1: Episode 10

Making copywriting easier with AI | Paul Yacoubian (CEO of

previewSeason 1: Episode 9

Automating laborious timekeeping with AI | Ryan Alshak (CEO of Laurel)

previewSeason 1: Episode 8

Understanding user needs with AI | Yana Welinder (CEO of Kraftful)

previewSeason 1: Episode 7

Democratizing personal assistants with AI | Omar Shaya (Founder of MultiOn)

previewSeason 1: Episode 6

Helping companies seize the business opportunity of AI | Greg Kamradt (Data Indy)

previewSeason 1: Episode 5

Reinventing the way we share ideas with AI | Jon Noronha (Co-founder of Gamma)

previewSeason 1: Episode 4

Transforming meetings into a knowledge base with AI | Krish Ramineni (CEO of Fireflies)

previewSeason 1: Episode 3

Enabling teams to quickly build powerful AI apps | Jamie Cuffe (Head of New Products at Retool)

previewSeason 1: Episode 2

Empowering people to tell their stories through video | Champ Bennett (CEO of Capsule)

previewSeason 1: Episode 1

Augmenting human capabilities with AI | Dan Siroker (CEO of Rewind AI)

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About the podHosted by Haroon Choudery, CEO of Autoblocks. Building with AI is a weekly podcast that dives into insightful conversations with product builders and experts at the forefront of AI. The goal? To provide listeners with strategic insights that help them build and scale better AI products.

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