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Building With AI Expert Network is a community dedicated to AI product builders and leaders. It's a platform for experienced developers, PMs, and AI experts to share their insights and wisdom.
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Our Global Expert Network
Ryan AlshakCEO, Laurel AI
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Laurel uses AI to automate timekeeping for lawyers so they can focus on their work and understand where time is being spent.
Yana WelinderCEO, Kraftful
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Kraftful leverages AI to surface insights for product managers, including feature requests, most-loved features, and top complaints.
Jamie CuffeProduct, Retool
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Retool AI allows developers to ship bespoke AI tools faster by allowing them to integrate AI into their apps & workflows with pre-built blocks.
Jon NoronhaCPO, Gamma
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Gamma utilizes AI to generate stunning and captivating content for users, eliminating the need for manual formatting and design work.
Krish RamineniCEO, Fireflies.ai
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Fireflies.ai uses AI to help teams transcribe, summarize, search, and analyze voice conversations.
Greg KamradtAI Educator, Data Indy
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Data Indy is dedicated to educating developers on AI and data. It has gained popularity, especially within the LangChain community.
Paul YacoubianCEO, Copy.ai
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Copy.ai is a platform that uses AI to automate the creation of marketing and sales copy.
Dan SirokerCEO, Rewind
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Rewind AI is a memory augmentation product powered by everything you've seen, said, or heard.
Omar ShayaFounder, MultiOn
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MultiOn is creating autonomous AI agents that can handle tasks in the background of any digital experience.
Bryan BischofHead of AI, Hex
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Hex's Magic tools bring cutting edge LLM capabilities to the Hex data platform to help users accelerate data projects, without switching tabs.

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