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How GenAI Fits Into the Product Toolkit

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Wrapping your head around where GenAI fits into your product strategy can feel overwhelming.

It’s clear that GenAI is one of the biggest technological breakthroughs of our time, but knowing how to take advantage of it isn’t as obvious.

To help you understand where GenAI can provide value to your user experience, we’ve created an intuitive analogy:

Imagine that your product is a building, and your users are your tenants.

As a product leader, your goal is to make sure the experiences you deliver in the building leave residents exceptionally satisfied.

If you manage to do that, you will attract new tenants (growth) and retain old ones (retention) — on your path to building a tall, bustling skyscraper.

However, managing a building, let alone a skyscraper is really hard.

Thankfully, GenAI is an incredibly powerful tool to help you run the best dang building in town.


Hamza Choudery

Co-founder, COO, Autoblocks


Haroon Choudery

Co-founder, CEO, Autoblocks

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