Debug & monitor
generative AI features

Developer-centric tool to monitor and improve AI features powered by LLMs and other foundation models.

Unprecedented visibility into your foundation models

Our simple SDK gives you an intuitive and actionable view of how your generative AI applications are performing in production.

  • Flexibility

    Integrate LLM management into your existing codebase and developer workflow.

  • Control

    Use our fine-grained access controls and audit logs to maintain full control over your data.

  • Actionability

    Derive actionable insights on how to improve LLM user interactions.

Developers will be at the center of the generative AI revolution

At Autoblocks, we believe that product engineering teams hold the key to unlocking the full potential of generative AI.

Not only are these teams best-equipped to integrate these new capabilities into existing software products, but their proclivity to deploy, iterate, and improve will also be ever more pertinent going forward.

As software becomes increasingly malleable, we believe engineering teams will be the driving force behind turning that malleability into delightful and hyper-personalized user experiences.