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Finding the Right Use Cases for GenAI

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There’s a lot of “business theory” when it comes to AI.

The good news: A lot of it is driven by genuine promise. 
There’s a very high probability that any business can derive a lot of value from GenAI.

The bad news: There’s a lot of noise in the space. This makes it hard to know where & how to start developing GenAI products (whether that’s a commercial product or an internal product).

We want to cut through the noise to give you a simple yet powerful framework for evaluating the business opportunity that GenAI unlocked.

To make this resource as valuable as possible, we’re going to anchor our commentary on this core question:

How can a business capture as much value as possible from AI with the least resources?

What's Inside?

  • The GenAI Implementation Curve
  • The API Model Frontier
  • When to Own Your Model
  • Real-World Example

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Hamza Choudery

Co-founder, COO, Autoblocks

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